Projects around the world . . .

We understand the latest in water based entertainment, current approaches to water science and research, and management and operations. 
Our clients can have confidence in our ability to deliver enticing attractions that are appealing as well as economically and environmentally appropriate. 
Take a look at our work over 25 years bringing people and water together around the world.
  1. Hydrotherapy Pool
    Byford Secondary College Hydrotherapy Pool, Perth, Australia
    Oceanis recently designed the Byford Secondary College hydrotherapy pool and associated equipment.
  2. Taronga Zoo Leopard Seal Theatre
    Taronga Zoo Leopard Seal Gallery, Sydney Australia
    This is one of the largest single aquatic exhibits on the Taronga Zoo site for which Oceanis provided design, construction management and operations advisory services.
  3. Splash and Play
    Marquee Park Splash and Play, Australia
    Oceanis designed all aquatic features and pools for this zero depth waterpark in South Hedland, Western Australia. Long awaited, the park's fun design and safe environment have become a great hit with local children and their families.
  4. Seoul Aquarium
    Seoul Aquarium, Korea
    Oceanis prepared the concept for this major new aquarium, including outdoor components, integrated within a large retail and commercial development for one of the largest developers in Korea. The aquarium is a marketing focus for the World Tower site, as a complement to the large amount of retail and other leisure outlets as well as a stand-alone revenue generator.
  5. Burswood Towers
    Burswood Towers Aquatic Facilities, Western Australia
    Oceanis designed and provided construction management services for the leisure facilities for these prestigious residential towers.
  6. Monte Carlo Beach Resort
    Monte Carlo Beach Resort, Abu Dhabi
    Oceanis has provided review and design services and operations advice for this 5 star resort
  7. Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre
    Naturaliste Marine Discovery Centre, Perth, Australia
    Oceanis participated in the re-design of the seawater intake systems and life support systems for this combined laboratory and education project.
  8. Bali Safari and Marine Park
    Bali Safari and Marine Park, Indonesia
    This project includes numerous terrestrial and aquatic animal exhibits including fresh water and marine aquaria and marine mammal pools. The overall project includes resort style accommodation, retail outlets and extensive food & beverage facilities which are integrated amongst the entertainment exhibits.
  9. Kangwon Do Korea
    Kangwon Do, Korea
    Oceanis was part of the team responsible for design of this facility, which included pools and water features.
  10. James Cook University Marine and Aquaculture Research Centre
    James Cook University Marine and Aquaculture Research Centre, Australia
    Oceanis developed the business case, feasibility study, site review, and schematic design for this $80 million project to rejuvenate the marine research facilities at James Cook University - renowned for its leading edge marine research and education.
  11. Pacific Underwater World, CCTV Tower, Beijing, China
    Pacific Underwater World, CCTV Tower, Beijing, China
    Oceanis has been involved with a number of aquarium projects throughout China, including Pacific Underwater World, part of the CCTV tower complex in Beijing.
  12. Ellenbrook Waterplay Park
    Ellenbrook Waterplay Park, Perth, Australia
    Oceanis has designed and managed the construction of water features for this waterpark in Western Australia
  13. Burswood Resort, Perth, Western Australia
    Burswood Resort, Perth, Western Australia
    Oceanis designed and managed construction of all the pools and water features for the resort.
  14. Perth Zoo Elephant Exhibit, Australia
    Perth Zoo Elephant Exhibit, Australia
    Oceanis provided operations consultancy to Perth Zoo's elephant precinct management
  15. Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre
    Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre, Perth, Australia
    Oceanis has completed the design of this new high technology marine research laboratory. Works include sea water intake systems, filtration and life support systems for a myriad of different flora and fauna. Partner clients include The Oceans Institute of the University of Western Australia, CSIRO, WA Fisheries Department and Australian Institute of Marine Science
  16. Guiyang Resort
    Guiyang Resort, China
    Oceanis has worked with an international team to provide design services to this new city encompassing significant residential and retail development as well as leisure and entertainment spaces comprised of theme parks, aquariums, zoological facilities and a waterpark.
  17. A’Sammaliah Island
    A’Sammaliah Island Development, Abu Dhabi
    Oceanis conducted concept design on this large scale project containing extensive artificial lagoons and exhibits.
  18. Qing Huang Dao Underwater World
    Qing Huang Dao Underwater World
    This is one of a number of aquarium and resort projects Oceanis has been involved with throughout China
  19. Twin Palms Resort, Phuket, Thailand
    Twin Palms Resort, Phuket, Thailand
    Oceanis designed water features and pools and engineering service systems for this luxury resort.
  20. Water Features
    Royal Brunei Golf and Country Club Water Features, Brunei
    The park contains numerous recreation facilities designed and managed by Oceanis staff.
  21. Nanjing Aquarium
    Nanjing Aquarium, China
    Oceanis provided design, engineering, project management and commissioning services for this large scale aquarium project - one of the first of a wave of modern aquariums constructed in China in the last 20 years. This project and our other more recent Chinese projects have allowed us to participate in the modernisation of China and bringing leisure, entertainment and educational facilities to the country.
  22. Chennai Aquarium
    Chennai Aquarium, India
    Oceanis provided initial design concept services for this project.
  23. Dubai Waterfront City Boulevard Park
    Dubai Waterfront City Boulevard Park, UAE
    This $220 million dollar project encompasses 5.5 km2 of land and lagoon/canal area including large aquaria and water features – the central feature of a new park to service an entire new city. Oceanis prepared the preliminary design for the water related aspects of this project featuring over 60 different canals, water features, pools and aquaria.
  24. Island Resort Project
    Island Resort Project, China
    Oceanis has provided concept and feasibility analysis for this new Chinese island resort project
  25. Melbourne Aquarium
    Melbourne Aquarium, Australia
    Oceanis staff conducted the design of aquarium specialty works for this $36 million project. Extending the development to capitalise on retail and food & beverage opportunities was a major focus of the project Our operations team managed this site for many years.
  26. Shipwreck Coast - Great Ocean Road Visitors Centre, Australia
    Shipwreck Coast - Great Ocean Road Visitors Centre, Australia
    Oceanis has completed the aquarium concept design phase for this proposed $65 million facility containing a 1,300 m3 water volume, $25 million exhibit intended to illustrate the southern Australian coastal waters including a giant kelp forest and the area known as the “shipwreck coast”.
  27. Ocean Adventure
    Ocean Adventure, Subic Bay, Philippines
    Comprising aquariums and numerous large, open water lagoons and pools for dolphins, false killer whales and sea lions, Oceanis has provided design services for many aspects of the staged development of this expansive marine park. Our most recent work has been the design of new holding and show facilities for sea lions, and additional aquarium development.
  28. Cairo Aquarium, Egypt
    Cairo Aquarium, Egypt
    Oceanis provided site analysis and financial feasibility consultancy services for a new aquarium development in Cairo.
  29. Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory, Western Australia
    Busselton Jetty Underwater Observatory, Western Australia
    Oceanis provided design and construction management services for this unique underwater observatory illustrating one of the most southern natural occurrences of soft corals in Australia, as well as many other local marine species.
  30. Burj Dubai Residences, UAE
    Burj Dubai Residences, UAE
    Oceanis provided project management and conducted design and construction management for this high-end residential and serviced apartment development
  31. Coral Reef
    Coral Reef Marine Park, Middle East
    With the potential to attract many visitors from the large numbers of tourists that already visit the region, our client wanted us to design a world-class tourism destination that would take advantage of the beautiful adjacent coral reef. The site review, business case development and final ‘Destination’ concept created by Oceanis will support over one million annual visitors centered on a family entertainment pier and marine park.
  32. Water Polo Pool
    University of Western Australia Water Polo Pool, Perth
    Oceanis provided design and construction management services for this multi-use lap and water polo pool.
  33. Recreation Centre
    Christmas Island Recreation Centre, Indian Ocean
    Working within a Design and Construction contract structure, Oceanis designed and provided construction management services for a new lap pool and leisure pool complete with various water features.
  34. Aquatic Urban Park China
    Aquatic Urban Park, China
    Oceanis has designed this world-class tourist attraction as an integrated aquatic park. With a design philosophy of water and nature, the plan for the 70,000 m2 site includes 15,000 m2 of pools, waterways, lakes and canals integrated with retail, accommodation and waterfront promenade.